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Rich In Success

Oct 30, 2019

In this episode we talk to health coach and nutritionist Ben Coomber.

Ben is a man who used to be obese and suffered with IBS, ADHD, Eczema and Asthma but woke up one day and decided he had to change, his life and career depended on it. He then lost 5.5 stone of fat and put on 3 stone of muscle and developed into what he describes as an everyday athlete that now feels AWESOME.

As a result of his life changing journey he was inspired to teach others, and here he is today as a coach, nutritionist and speaker aiming to inspire others with his journey, expertise and experience helping 1000s of people reclaim their health.

After a 10 year journey in the fitness industry he has the UK’s #1 rated Health and Fitness podcast Ben Coomber Radio and top 10 in the world, has worked with major UK companies like Twinning’s Tea, O2 and Sky TV, has written several books, coached 1000s of people via his online 90 day transformation program, spoken at most major UK events such as Body Power, SFN and Be Fit Expo, owns an online nutrition education company and an ethical and honest supplement brand Awesome Supplements. 

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Rich In Success is a podcast hosted by cousins Matt Hall (actor/singer/multiple business owner) and Dan Ramsden (health & wellbeing coach). They are on a journey to define exactly what success is and how to implement this into your daily life. Each week they interview inspirational guests from all walks of life including successful sports people and famous actors to experts in health and millionaire business people.

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