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Rich In Success

Dec 29, 2019

In this fascinating episode, Matt and Dan are joined by the hugely controversial media personality and author Katie Hopkins. 

Katie is a former contestant from 'The Apprentice' who famously quit the show when she was down to the final 3.

She has since gone on to be a very controversial figure with her strong views. She was a finalist on 'Celebrity Big Brother' and has also appeared on 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here'.

Throughout her career, Hopkins' social media presence and outspoken views, specifically regarding UK politics, social class, migrants and race, have attracted controversy, criticism, media scrutiny, protests and petitions. Hopkins has developed a reputation for disputes with public figures on Twitter.

In this episode Matt, Dan and Katie talk about:

    • Why Katie feels the need to be so brutal with people and if this is the best way to get her point across.
    • Katie's views on losing weight 
    • Mental health and the negative impact of online trolling and bullying 
    • How Katie feels about the way she was portrayed in the BBC Three Jesy Nelson documentary 
    • Katie's battles with epilepsy and her military background 
    • Mainstream media portal of Katie and dealing with being hated by many

This is a very honest episode featuring Katie Hopkins like you've never seen her before. The episode may challenge current beliefs around Katie and also yourself.

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