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Rich In Success

Jan 29, 2020

In this episode Matt and Dan give some tips on how to make more money! 

Here are their steps on how to get rich explained in detail:

  1. You have to have the correct relationship with money and mindset towards money. You cannot think that people who have and want more money are greedy, bad or wrong – if you think like that – you can never become wealthy  because subconsciously it goes against what you think is morally right. You have to believe its a necessity to want more money. If people get ill, if there’s problems with the economy, if you need IVF, if you want a nice wedding/ holiday or if you’re suffering from burn out and need to leave immediately to a health retreat and shut off from the world, it's important to have a lot of financial support behind you that is available and abundant.
  2. Have a ‘why’ and a ‘what’ big enough to do whatever it takes/ stay motivated, stay passionate and you will find a way to make money from being consistent.
  3. Create more value – operate on a high frequency – become the person people want to be around. But be aware not to let people take advantage. Constantly invest in personal development and more education.
  4. Visualise - Take time to know exactly how much money you want. Why you want it. What you would do with it. How do you look? How do you feel? How do you talk? What life do you live. know exactly what life you lead.
  5. Then act like it’s already done. With any goal you need to walk, talk and act like it’s already achieved. For every level requires a new level of being. So if you’re walking round feeling, acting and making decision as if you’re poor that’s how you’ll project onto the world and ultimately what will come back at you. Start walking round like you’re a million dollars. Not ego. But positive, intuitive, inquisitive, intelligence and happy... NOW!
  6. Be specific about numbers. Take time to work out how much you require, then work backwords. How much do I need to earn daily to achieve it. Also think about tax implications as that will drastically change the figure.
  7. Be smart with your time. Constantly as yourself is this serving my bigger goals? Chatting about last night’s tv programme. Being the class clown that makes people laugh isn’t necessarily bringing value that people will pay for. Make a clear plan.  Richard Branson own 420 companies. He has the same 24 hours that everyone else has so be smart with your time. Take a step back. Then read as many books, listen to audio, watch YouTube clips on various successful people and create your own individual blueprint for success.
  8. Then look for opportunities to make a sale every day. Become focused on making more money from giving more value all the time. We have to get away from the mind-set of just showing up to work, doing the 9 to 5 and hoping for a pay rise/ promotion. Nobody’s job is safe. Could be made redundant. So create a side hustle/ passion project. Curve balls happen in life al the time so the more you are invested in your own financial growth. The less these effect you in a negative way.
  9. Complexity effects execution. So keep it simple. Don’t overthink. Just make a start. Check in with the results regularly. And adapt what you’re doing as you learn along the way. Fear paralyses people – stop listening to self doubt. Negative self talk


Bonus tips

  • Compounding – there are 2 ways of selling – create a premium product that only a few need to purchase to make wealth or a cheap product that you compound
  • Niche or cheaper – either offer something unique or do something cheaper than competition or do it better than competition.
  • Get good at having a savings account. Be disciplined and put it away in high interest account. Don’t deviate.
  • Go out less – say no to things that don’t serve long term financial goals – find alternative ways for fun

We hope you find this practical, actionable and tactical steps useful to help you start to earn more money in life. 

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Rich In Success is a podcast hosted by cousins Matt Hall (actor/singer/Personal development coach/ multiple business owner) and Dan Ramsden (health & wellbeing coach). They are on a journey to define exactly what success is and how to implement this into your daily life. Each week they interview inspirational guests from all walks of life including successful sports people and famous actors to experts in health and millionaire business people.

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