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Rich In Success

Sep 25, 2019

In this episode we talk to the highly successful entrepreneur Gary Rhodes.

Gary is a successful self-made entrepreneur from Bradford.

He started out as a personal trainer and went on to run his own very successful cleaning business

After meeting a man named Doctor John Janquesh at a motivational speaker Tony Robbins event, Gary invested in a world changing invention called Osteostrong

Osteostrong has been proven to reverse osteopherosis and Gary’s mission is now to educated people on their bone strength and the many health implications that arise from this  

He actually aims to make this something that the NHS can take on to hopefully wipe bone degeneration disease off the planet

And he has since invested in other up and coming fitness devices including the X3 bar.


In this episodes we talked about:

  • Gary’s daily rituals to help set him up in the right mind-set for a productive and successful day every single day
  • The importance of creating energy in your life and living with passion and a clear purpose
  • Why you should create a network of people that raise your state if you want to take your life and business to a new level
  • And his experience of working closely with one of the world’s leading motivational mind coaches Mr Tony Robbins
  • Why you should let go of the fear of judgement and live life on your terms knowing that you will be judged either way so you may as well have the courage to pursue your wildest dreams
  • The power that is within you to do something great, make others feel great and the ripple effect that can cause
  • How you can best serve other people on a large scale
  • Why you should take the time to think before you speak and put more focus on listening to others and how you can learn from this
  • The scientific facts about the power of positive thoughts and how they can impact both our physiology and wellbeing and therefore help prevent serious diseases with the power of the mind.
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Rich In Success is a podcast hosted by cousins Matt Hall (actor/singer/multiple business owner) and Dan Ramsden (health & wellbeing coach). They are on a journey to define exactly what success is and how to implement this into your daily life. Each week they interview inspirational guests from all walks of life including successful sports people and famous actors to experts in health and millionaire business people.

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